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City Select® LUX Bench Seat

The City Select LUX® Bench Seat gives the City Select LUX® Pushchair new riding options and easily attaches to the LUX when configured as a single or double pushchair.
The seat can be paired with an infant carrier, car seat, carrycot kit or City Select LUX® seat to make the City Select LUX® a double pushchair, and can hold up to 20kg so older children have their own place to ride.
The bench seat has a comfortable non-slip seat with an adjustable 3 point harness to keep your child safely secured. It also includes a detachable footrest so it’s easy to hop on and off, and provides a resting spot for child’s feet whilst riding.
The LUX folds with the bench seat and footrest attached.
Compatible with City Select LUX®.

Compatible with:    city select® LUX